Our Operations - UOSSM International

What We Do

Since 2012, UOSSM International has been providing medical relief and health care services to thousands of people affected by the crisis in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. One of our greatest accomplishments has been the establishment and operation of the largest hospital in northern Syria. UOSSM's operational focus can be summarized by the following key priorities:

  • Deliver primary care, trauma care, and psycho-social support services
  • Support clinics and hospitals with medicine, medical supplies and operating expenses
  • Train, develop, and support human capital and medical practitioners caring for victims of war
  • Collect data to improve the quality, quantity, and types of health services provided
  • Coordinate with partner organizations to ensure that aid reaches those in need
  • Engage the international governments, international bodies and the public for support


Our Operations

UOSSM_icons-Primary_Care_preview.pngPrimary Health Care: UOSSM’s Primary Health Care (PHC) services address basic medical needs of the population through PHC Centers & mobile clinics. Services include general/family medicine, internal medicine, dental care, maternal health & pediatrics.   Learn More

UOSSM_icons-_Seconday_Care_preview.pngSecondary & Tertiary Health Care: UOSSM’s Secondary & Tertiary Health Care program delivers specialized health care needs through several hospitals & rehabilitation centers throughout Syria - including Bab Al-Hawa Hospital, the largest in northern Syria. Services include surgery, intensive care, and the treatment of war-inflicted injury & trauma.   Learn More

UOSSM_icons-_MHPSS_preview.pngMental Health: UOSSM’s Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) program helps treat the debilitating effects of sustaining life-threatening injury, loss of family members, displacement, separation, and numerous other mentally & emotionally stressful effects of war. Services include psychiatric & psychological treatment, special education, family counseling etc.   Learn More

UOSSM_icons-_Protection_preview.pngProtection: The crisis has left millions of people facing a daily struggle for survival amid widespread threats to their lives, safety and dignity. Women and children in particular are stuck in a protection crisis where various forms of violence permeate daily life. UOSSM’s protection intervention strategy focuses on protecting children & preventing gender-based violence.   Learn More

UOSSM_icons-_Nutrition_preview.pngNutrition: UOSSM’s Nutrition program targets one of the most vulnerable population groups in emergency crises – pregnant/lactating women & children under the age of five – by focusing on nutrition treatment & education.   Learn More      

UOSSM_icons-_Governance_preview.pngHealth Governance: UOSSM’s Health Governance program focuses on rebuilding the health care infrastructure of the war-torn nation. Activities include developing local community health care organizations, creating partnerships & linkages, data-sharing standards, and referral systems.   Learn More

UOSSM_icons-_Training_preview.pngTraining: A key strategic priority, UOSSM’s Training program serves to rebuild the health care skills & knowledge base of the country – severely depleted by the crisis. Activities include training coursework ranging from field emergency medics to community health workers; capacity-building workshops; hospital management courses; publishing training manuals and many other educational priorities.   Learn More