Training - UOSSM International


Operating of Medical Training Centers in Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon, where over 8,000 trainees have been since trained since its inception in early 2013.
Our specialized medical training centers implement our own training courses, as well as, hosting other organizations to provide their training programs. Qualification centers have 112 interactive mannequins for all specialties.Our centers conducted 12 different types of specialized medical training courses by experts, targeting huge segments of medical staff in the local community. UOSSM was the first to provide specialized training to handle the chemical attacks and its contamination.

Saida Midwifery and Nursing Institute in Deraa' is a new project aiming at qualifying 105 medical staff over the next 2 years and is currently establishing a plan to open a second institute in the northern region of Syria.
Capacity Building is a newly established hospital management training course which educated 22 hospital managers within Syria.




-          Internal Hosting: Providing available resources within training centres (staff, equipment, and/or services) to other partners, to conduct an activity within one of the training centres.

-          External Support: Providing available resources within training centres (equipment and/or staff) to other partners, to conduct an activity outside the training centres.

-          Internal training: Includes special training courses done locally by the department’s staff.

-          On-Field Training: Includes training courses that are conducted by Qualification and Training Department’s staff but outside its centres targeting the trainees in their working locations.

-          Capacity Building for Local Staff: UOSSM builds its own staff capacities through its role in organizing and hosting administrative courses within Bab Al-Hawa Training Centre or Reyhanli Training Centre.

-          One-Day Activities: UOSSM responds to emergency situations by launching awareness campaigns within Bab Al-Hawa Training Centre, and also encouraging guests from outside Syria with unique specialties who visit Bab Al-Hawa hospital to provide basic training or education within their specialties to improve the efficiency of medical staff.

-          Meetings: For coordination and follow-up purposes, whether within or outside the organizational framework of UOSSM.