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Primary Health Care

Primary health care is of greatest importance in a thriving population. It maintains the well-being and overall health of the country’s citizens. With the ever-deteriorating health conditions in Syria and the regression of health care services, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to public health and to prevent possible epidemics and disease outbreaks.
UOSSM has led the way by taking the initiatives to find constantly solutions for this growing problem by establishing and operating 12 Primary Health Care Centers (PHC’s) in 8 different directorates across Syria. UOSSM PHCs have conducted more than 400,000 consultations to about 300,000 patients from the beginning of 2015 until end of August 2015.

Each PHC contains 4 main specialty clinics, a laboratory and a pharmacy. The specialty clinics are:

-          General/family medicine

-          Internal medicine

-          Gynecology

-          Pediatrics

Some PHCs also contain dental clinics, dermatologic clinics, orthopedic clinics, psychological clinics, and nutrition departments. At the beginning of 2016, there was the addition of an obstetrics department in 4 centres.

UOSSM is working to extend the "Idleb Response" project in the Northern areas of Syria, which consists of Four Mobile Clinics serving displaced people in several different areas according to the following tracks:

a) The first clinic path: Sracb, Khan ways, Efes, Kframam, Neirab, Tel Tokan

b) The second clinic path: Martmbarn, Kaftin, Zrdna, Killi, Hzano, Maarath Brothers

c) The third clinic path: Kfrcharim, Sgayn, Harem, Azmarin, Hvsrjh, Armanaz

d) The fourth clinic path: Tlhah, Kvrnoran, grafts, Sermin, Dana

UOSSM also continues to support and develop Primary Health Care Centers through adding effective and adaptable services such as the Community Outreach and nutrition services in each of the PHC’s in Mayadeen, Manbej and Marja in the Northern region of Syria.
We began 2016 with 9 Primary Healthcare Centres, 9 mobile clinics, and 4 maternity centres.