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Press Release: Third Day Of Bombings Traps Civilians in Rubble; Aid Agencies Desperate

Geneva, Switzerland - The death toll continues to rise as the relentless indiscriminate campaign continues against eastern Ghouta. There were 70 civilians killed today and over 296 wounded. A total of 13 hospitals and humanitarian facilities were also targeted, leaving thousands in a humanitarian catastrophe. One nurse was killed in the attacks. A total of 22 hospitals have been put out of service since Sunday. Continue reading

BREAKING: UOSSM Staff Killed, 8 Medical Facilities Attacked, Illegal Barrel Bombs Used

Geneva, Switzerland - Eight medical facilities were attacked today in Eastern Ghouta, for a total of 13 hospital attacks in 48 hours. Reports state there have been over 127 airstrikes today and countless mortars and artillery strikes. Barrel bombs, an illegal weapon which cause massive civilian casualties, have also been used. This has paralyzed the already crippled medical infrastructure in Ghouta. At least 200 civilians have been killed and over 700 wounded in the past two days. Many of the victims are women and children. Continue reading

BREAKING: New Bombing Campaign Hits 5 Hospitals, Among Worst Days in Syrian History

Toronto, Ontario- On the morning of February 19, a fierce bombardment began in civilian areas of eastern Ghouta, with at least 72 airstrikes. 97 civilians have been killed and over 500 wounded in 24 hours and the number is set to climb, as many may still be buried under the rubble. Five hospitals were bombed and put out of service and all area hospitals are out of service due to the attacks.  Continue reading

BREAKING: 4 Day Surge In Violence Leaves 237 Dead, 1250 injured, 7 Medical Facilities Wrecked

Toronto, Ontario- A four day surge in violence has left 237 dead and 1250 injured in Eastern Ghouta. Seven medical facilities have also been attacked throughout Syria, leaving thousands with scarce access to medical care when it is needed most.  On February 8 at 9:50 am Damascus time, the Mishmeshan Primary Health Center in Idlib was attacked, destroying it completely, and putting it out of service. Continue reading

BREAKING: Medical System In Idlib Crippled By Attacks, Including Chlorine Gas

Toronto, Ontario- Several medical facilities have been attacked and put out of service since Sunday, causing newborn babies to temporarily suffocate as their incubators lost power.The attacks left thousands with no access to medical care as Idlib experienced fierce bombardment, including a reported chlorine gas attack. This morning at 9 a.m. Damascus time, the Kafr Nabol Surgical Hospital, in Idlib, was attacked by three air strikes causing major damage and putting it out of service. Continue reading

BREAKING: Cave Hospital, Built Under 60 ft Of Rock, Wrecked By Powerful Blast

Toronto, A few hours ago, at 12:15 pm Damascus time, the Al Maghara (Dr. Hassan Al Araj) Cave Hospital in Kafr Zita, Hama was hit by five missiles from an airstrike. The hospital, built under 60 feet of rock, suffered extensive damage. The pharmacy was destroyed and there was extensive damage to the emergency department, which UOSSM supports, and ambulances. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Airstrike Against Hospital In Idlib, 5 Dead, Hospital In Ruins

Toronto, ON- On January 29 at 11:30 am Damascus Time, The Owdai Hospital (also known as Al Ihsan Hospital) in Saraqeb, Idlib was hit by two airstrikes, killing five people, including one child and two women, and injuring six medical staff and several other patients. The hospital was severely damaged and put out of service. The 18-bed hospital was the only public hospital in the Saraqeb district. Continue reading

Press Release: Suspected Gas Attack in Eastern Ghouta Injures Six

Toronto, ON- There was a suspected gas attack today in Douma City, in eastern Ghouta, at 6 a.m. Damascus time. Victims were treated with symptoms consistent with chemical exposure, including difficulty breathing, discreet dyspnea, mild exaltation, no change in the iris, and the odor of chlorine on their clothing. Five women and one child were injured, treated, and discharged. One woman required more extensive treatment. Continue reading

BREAKING: Hospitals Attacked During Holiday Season, 11 Attacks in Wave Of Violence

BREAKING: Hospitals Attacked During Holiday Season, 11 Attacks in Wave Of Violence Toronto, ON- The holiday season brought a new wave of attacks on medical facilities throughout Syria. There have been at least 11 separate attacks on medical facilities since December 26, 2017, targeting medical facilities in Idlib, Hama and Eastern Ghouta.    Continue reading

URGENT APPEAL: Medical Evacuation of Four-Year Old Rama in Eastern Ghouta

  UOSSM calls for the IMMEDIATE medical evacuation of four- year old Rama Helweh from Eastern Ghouta to Damascus where she received treatment eight months ago. Rama is malnourished, diagnosed with lymphoma and has a malignant tumor in her throat which prevents her from swallowing most foods. Her last dosage of the required medication was eight months ago. Continue reading