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BREAKING: Another UOSSM Staff Killed, Syrian Doctors Plead For Help In Daraa

BREAKING: Another UOSSM Staff Killed, Syrian Doctors Plead For Help In Daraa Geneva, Switzerland -On June 27 at seven pm Damascus time, Yusuf Ayyash, A UOSSM warehouse worker at the Giza office, was killed by an airstrike along with his wife and daughter. This is the third UOSSM staff member to be killed in less than a week.   Continue reading

BREAKING: UOSSM Ambulance Driver Killed By Airstrike In Daraa

Geneva, Switzerland- A volunteer UOSSM ambulance driver, Abdulhadi Al Hariri, was killed today at 1 p.m. Damascus time in a targeted “double tap” attack, as first responders were headed to evacuate wounded victims of an attack in Busr Al Harir.   Continue reading


Geneva, Switzerland- On June 24 at 5 PM Damascus time, a UOSSM primary health care centre in Busra Al Harir, Daraa was hit by a direct airstrike and suffered extensive damage. The facility was previously evacuated and there were no casualties. The centre served 5,000 patients per month. Continue reading

BREAKING: UOSSM Midwife Killed in Daraa

A UOSSM midwife, Maysoun Harbat, and her daughter were killed on June 21 at 5:00 p.m. Damascus time as a result of heavy shelling in Al-Harak in the Daraa country side. Harbat's other daughter survived the attack but has sustained serious injuries. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Women and Children's Hospital in Idlib Bombed

On June 10, a wave of airstrikes in Idlib, Syria has left at least 10 dead including two children and over 18 injured. Al Nour Women and Children’s hospital was hit by an airstrikes, suffered heavy damage and was put out of service. The facility serves a population of 35,000.   Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Airstrike In Residential Area Kills At Least 44 Including 6 Children

On June 7 at 9:15 PM Damascus time, airstrikes bombarded the village of Zardana in Rural Idlib killing at least 44 people including six children and one doctor, and injured over 80. Early reports indicate a “double tap” strategy was employed killing and injuring first responders.   Continue reading

BREAKING: Car Bomb In Idlib Kills At least 9 Including 2 Medical Staff

At approximately 8:50 p.m. Damascus time on May 12, 2018 , a car bomb exploded less than 25 meters away from the Idlib Province Hospital, Idlib. At least 9 people were killed, including 2 medical staff, and over 25 injured.    UOSSM denounces this attack against civilians and medical staff. Civilians and medical staff are not targets and must be protected under international law.  Continue reading

BREAKING: Massive Chemical Weapon Attack Leaves 25+ Dead , 500+ Injured in Ghouta

Geneva, Switzerland – A massive chemical weapon attack was just reported in Douma, Eastern Ghouta today. Early reports indicate 25 people have been killed and over 500 civilians have been injured with the numbers set to rise. Many of the victims were children.  Continue reading

Press Release: Ghouta Evacuation Report March 23-28th

Geneva, Switzerland - The following report details the work of UOSSM in providing eastern Ghouta IDP’s with: primary health care, ambulance services, nutrition, mental health and psychosocial support, in addition to data collection. UOSSM is amongst a coalition of Syrian NGO’s serving the needs of the people of eastern Ghouta.  Continue reading

Press Release: UOSSM Assists 5000 Forcefully Displaced from Ghouta

Geneva, Switzerland -UOSSM responded to the forced displacement of the first two groups of people from Ghouta. On Thursday, 450 families, roughly 2000 people, were displaced from Harasta, Ghouta. Continue reading