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BREAKING: 13th Medical Facility Bombed Today in Syria, 13 Civilians Killed

Geneva, Switzerland - On May 8 at 6:00 a.m. Damascus time, The Kafr Zeta Primary Health Care Center in Hama, Syria was hit by an airstrike. The facility was heavily damaged and put out of service. No casualties or injuries were reported. This marked the 13th medical facility bombed in 11 days, crippling the medical infrastructure in the region. Continue reading

Breaking: 3 Hospitals Bombed Today in Syria

Geneva, Switzerland - Three hospitals were targeted and put out of service today in northern Syria. The Nabad Al Hayat Hospital was attacked by airstrikes today at 2:45 PM Damascus time, the underground hospital was completely destroyed. At 3:45 PM Damascus time, the Kafr Zeta Surgical Unit (Cave Hospital) was attacked by airstrikes, partially damaged and put out of service. At 5:40 PM Damascus time, the Kafr Nabl Surgical Hospital was attacked by airstrikes, sustained major damage to the hospital foundation, and was put out of service. A total of 10 medical facilities have been attacked since April 28, 2019, three medical staff were killed and eight were wounded. Continue reading

BREAKING: 2 More Medical Facilities Bombed Today In Syria

Geneva, Switzerland - Two more medical facilities were bombed today in Syria for a total of 12 attacked in nine days. On May 6 at 2:00 am the Al-Amal Orthopaedic Surgical Centre in Kansafra south of Idlib, Syria was hit by airstrikes. The facility was heavily damaged and put out of service with no injuries or casualties reported.    Continue reading

BREAKING: Apocalyptic Scenario Beginning In Syria With 77 Killed; Over 150K Displaced

Geneva, Switzerland - In the past 72 hours there has been a surge in airstrikes, barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes in Idlib and Hama, Syria. At least 77 civilians have been killed and over 150,000 IDPs displaced in the past seven days. Most cities in Northern Hama are almost completely evacuated. Continue reading

BREAKING: 4th Medical Facility Bombed in Syria in past 72 hours

Geneva, Switzerland - The Kaston Primary Health Care Center in Hama, Syria was hit by mortars and shelling on May 1 at 11:45 AM. The facility, supported by UOSSM, was damaged, no injuries or casualties were reported. Continue reading

BREAKING: Second Syrian Hospital Hit By Airstrikes In Less Than 24 Hours

Geneva, Switzerland - At 6:30 PM on April 28 the Al-Latamna hospital in Northern Hama, Syria was hit by an airstrike and put out of service. This was the second air strike on a hospital in less than 24 hours. The airstrikes caused major damage to most of the hospital’s sections and destroyed one ambulance. No injuries or casualties were reported.  Continue reading

BREAKING: Hospital In Syria Hit By Airstrike

Geneva, Switzerland -On Sunday April 28 at 1:30 pm the Al Madiq Hospital in Northern Hama, Syria was hit by an air strike and heavily damaged. There were no injuries or casualties and the facility is now out of service. The hospital, which was supported by UOSSM until the end of March, was one of the few remaining operating hospitals in the region and served as a women and children’s specialty facility. The facility offered maternity services, child services and general surgeries serving approximately 8,000 beneficiaries a month. 5 civilians were also killed in the region during the same wave of airstrikes. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Drastic Escalation Of Violence Leaves 18 Civilians Dead in 48 Hours

Geneva, Switzerland - UOSSM denounces the shelling of civilian areas in Khan Sheikhun and Ma'arat al-Nu'man in Idlib province, which has killed 18 civilians (eight children, seven women and three men) in the past 48 hours. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Deadly Weekend For Children in Syria; Unborn Baby Killed in Womb

Geneva, Switzerland - It was a deadly weekend for Syrian children when several were killed in targeted attacks on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib. At least seven people were killed including four children this weekend. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: 15 Displaced Syrian Children Die Due to Extreme Cold and Lack of Medical Care

Geneva, Switzerland - At least 15 Syrian displaced children, 13 under the age of one, have died in the past few weeks due to extreme cold, harsh living conditions, and lack of access to medical care. According to the UN, at least eight of those deaths are of children in the Rukban camp near the Syrian-Jordanian border.    Continue reading