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UOSSM Projects: Using Theater as a Means of Psychological Intervention

In collaboration with REO & International Humanitarian Relief, UOSSM's Adan training center hosted a series of workshops focusing on improvisational psychological interventions to treat affected families in Lebanon. The course featured training involving improv theatre as a means of expression.

UOSSM Telemedicine Program

As the war in Syria approaches its 6th year, many civilians continue to loose their lives due to airstrikes and barrels. However, a significant number of civilians die due to lack of medical service. One vital part of the medical services is the establishment of medical intensive care units since most of type of injures are severe trauma ones (multiple organs injury, severe chest and traumatic brain injuries).  Continue reading

UOSSM Launches Nursing and Midwife Training Institute in Daraa

On January 2016, UOSSM launched its first medical training institute in southern Syria's Sayda, Daraa. The aim is to increase the number of medical professionals and the level of health services available in the area. UOSSM identified an urgent need for this as large numbers of medical professionals continue to flee from the area due to continued attacks. This critical program, supported by UOSSM-France, will run for 12 months with an annual budget of $110,400. The program aims to train 105 students by the end of 2016 which will result in significantly increased levels of medical services available to civilians in the area.

Mental Health Centre Opens in Gazientep

UOSSM is pleased to announce the opening of a new mental health centre in Gazientep on Dec. 28, 2015. This centre will provide psychosocial services free of charge to Syrian refugees. The centre also includes a team of professionals that deliver psychosocial services at different educational institutions in the area to help serve the needs of refugees who are not able to make it to the centre.

UOSSM Participates in Geneva Conference

UOSSM participated at the Protecting Hospital and Healthcare Workers Conference in Geneva on Dec. 11, 2015, hosted by UOSSM Switzerland. Alongside a presentation by UOSSM-Canada's Dr. Anas Al Kassem, four other medical relief organizations (SEMA, Sham, SAMS, PAC) also presented about the alarming attacks on healthcare in Syria and the extensive loss of medical infrastructure and medical personnel.  Continue reading

UOSSM launched the second HPF project in partnership with OCHA “Re- enablement of Syrian children with special needs and /or more significant psycho-social presentations”

The onset of the current crisis resulted in the flight of many professionals and drained capacity in the field of MHPSS .There is almost complete lack of proper psychosocial service (mainly, in areas not under government control). According to studies, surveys and clinical experience on the ground, 30 to 35% of children require further assistant, psychosocial support and/or more specialist intervention.   Continue reading

UOSSM completed the third phase of the ambulatory program in Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Union of Medical Care & Relief Organisations #UOSSM in partnership with Save the Children have completed the activities of the third training session of the ambulatory program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bab Al-Hawa Training Center. This is the third session within a specialized program to train female medical staff under the specialists' supervision. Continue reading

UOSSM & PAC Revealed the First Syria's Hospitals Survey

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations #UOSSM, together with , launched the first of its kind, Syria Hospital Survey Report, that will be used as the basis for coordination between the two NGOs, and as an open source for factual-driven needs assessments of medical work in non-government, non-ISIS areas in Syria.  Continue reading

UOSSM Organized a Training Course in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy for Syrian Female Specialists in Lebanon

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations #UOSSM, in collaboration with the Arab Medical Union organized two training sessions for Syrian women in the field of mental health and psychosocial support at the UOSSM supported protection Center "Adn" in northern Lebanon. Continue reading

Aiming Toward Higher Accountability in Humanitarian Practices; UOSSM Team Attended Training sessions in 'The Sphere Project'

Pursuing its strategy in building capacity and continuous team development #UOSSM had provided its administrative team with a three days training session in the Sphere project, with the presence of from Physicians Across Continents PAC at #UOSSM's office in Gaziantep, Turkey. Continue reading