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PRESS RELEASE: BREAKING: Two New Earthquakes With 6.4 and 5.8 Magnitudes Shake Turkey and Syria Once Again

Paris, France - Just two weeks after the catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria, two more earthquakes with 6.4 and 5.8 magnitudes just shook the region, terrifying people once again. UOSSM initial reports show at least 94 injuries and several collapsed buildings in northwest Syria. Most of the injuries are a result of people panicking, many are even jumping from buildings. Those numbers could continue to rise as the earthquake hit at night. Initial reports in Turkey indicate at least three deaths and over 123 injuries, those numbers are expected to rise as well. The region has been experiencing hundreds of aftershocks since the initial earthquake. UOSSM staff are already receiving and treating victims. Continue reading

Catastrophic Earthquake Could Lead to Humanitarian Disaster In Syria and Turkey

Paris, France - Over 150 people have been killed and hundreds wounded after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Turkey and Syria causing massive damage early Monday morning. Those numbers are expected to rise dramatically as many buildings collapsed with large numbers of people buried under the rubble. There are many reports of complete families buried under the rubble of those buildings. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of crush and trauma injuries. At least one hospital in northern Syria is being evacuated after its structure was compromised. Continue reading

UOSSM Condemns Attack in Istanbul, Turkey

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) boards and staff throughout the world condemn the attack in Istanbul that has killed at least six people and injured 81. The attack happened in busy Istiklal Street earlier Sunday afternoon. It is still unclear who carried out the attack. UOSSM condemns all attacks on innocent civilians and stands in solidarity with the Turkish people and the Turkish government. Continue reading

Displacement Camp Attacked with Cluster Bombs in Northwest Syria; 9 Killed Including 3 Children

Paris, France - On Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 7:00 a.m. Damascus time, the Kafar Jalis Displacement Camp in northwest Syria was attacked by cluster bombs killing nine civilians, including three children and one woman, according to the Syrian Civil Defense. Over 75 others were wounded in the attack. Thousands of displaced people live in the camp that was attacked on Sunday. Continue reading

Fears of Cholera Outbreak Grow in Northwest Syria

Fears of a Cholera outbreak are growing among the health sector in northwest Syria. With an already strained health care system due to years of war, attacks on healthcare facilities, and most recently, COVID, fears have become a reality with the first two Cholera cases confirmed on September 17.  This has now become an imminent danger, putting vulnerable lives at risk. The suspected main culprit of the Cholera outbreak is unclean water from the Euphrates River used for drinking and watering crops (resulting in food contamination), and improper sewage among displacement camps. Continue reading

Attacks in Al Bab, Syria Leave 15 Civilians Dead

Paris, France – On Friday, August 19, 15 civilians were killed, including five children, and over 30 others were injured, including at least 11 children, in military attacks on a popular market, a school, and civilian homes in Al Bab in northern Syria. The school and homes were significantly damaged. Continue reading

Millions of Lives in Imminent Danger in Syria with Cross Border Closure

Paris, France - Millions of lives are in imminent danger and the situation could be catastrophic if the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) fails to renew the UNSC 2504 Cross Border resolution by July 10, 2022. Needs continue to rise at unprecedented levels, and more Syrians are now at risk for hunger than any other time in the past 11 years. With over 70% of the population experiencing food insecurity, and the cost of food continuing to rise exponentially. Closing the cross-border could result in catastrophic consequences. Continue reading

UOSSM Completes Fourth Medical Mission in Ukraine Providing Surgical Trainings

UOSSM completed its fourth medical mission in Ukraine which lasted for two weeks in early June. The medical mission included surgical trainings for surgeons on the frontlines and meetings and planning for future UOSSM work in Ukraine.   The surgical trainings, led by UOSSM, and in partnership with the David Nott Foundation (DNF), were planned and facilitated by Dr. Ahmad Dbais and the UOSSM Ukraine team. Dr. Khaula Sawah and Dr. Monzer Yazji, both co-founders of UOSSM USA, joined the surgical trainings. The DNF and team, led by world renowned war doctor, Dr. David Nott, who have worked with UOSSM in the past in Syria and have experience in war medicine in war inflicted areas, wanted to help local doctors and surgeons by providing these vital trainings. The main objective of the Hostile Environment Surgical Trainings (HEST) was to share expertise with local surgeons on the frontlines. Continue reading

Syrian Doctors Risking Their Lives to Support Ukrainian Doctors and Patients

UOSSM has been responding to the crisis in Ukraine by providing expertise gained from over 10 years of war in Syria through medical missions and training. On April 2 -12, UOSSM, in partnership with British renowned war doctor, Dr. David Nott of the David Nott Foundation, led a surgical medical mission, providing training workshops to doctors, and critical surgeries to patients affected by the war in Ukraine. Dr. David Nott, Dr. Monzer Yazji, Dr. Ahmad Dbais and Dr. Mohammed Zaidiye all contributed and coordinated in the surgical medical mission. Continue reading

BREAKING: Arriving in Kiev, After 10 Years of War, Syrian Doctors Travel to Ukraine to Help

A UOSSM international relief team, composed of Syrian/American doctors, arrived in Ukraine earlier last week to begin relief efforts. UOSSM doctors are uniquely positioned to support aid efforts in Ukraine having operated under similar conflict conditions in Syria for the past 10 years including war wounds/injuries, displacement, chemical attacks and a major humanitarian crisis.   UOSSM already opened a field office, is operating a humanitarian relief station in Lviv for food and necessities, and a medical point in Lutsk. In addition, UOSSM is working to set up a field medical facility in Kiev. Dr. Monzer Yazji, a Syrian American doctor, co-founder of UOSSM/UOSSM USA, and leader of the mission, has been triaging some wounded patients, stabilizing them, and providing medicines in the Lutsk medical point. Continue reading