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Attacks in Al Bab, Syria Leave 15 Civilians Dead

Paris, France – On Friday, August 19, 15 civilians were killed, including five children, and over 30 others were injured, including at least 11 children, in military attacks on a popular market, a school, and civilian homes in Al Bab in northern Syria. The school and homes were significantly damaged. Continue reading

Millions of Lives in Imminent Danger in Syria with Cross Border Closure

Paris, France - Millions of lives are in imminent danger and the situation could be catastrophic if the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) fails to renew the UNSC 2504 Cross Border resolution by July 10, 2022. Needs continue to rise at unprecedented levels, and more Syrians are now at risk for hunger than any other time in the past 11 years. With over 70% of the population experiencing food insecurity, and the cost of food continuing to rise exponentially. Closing the cross-border could result in catastrophic consequences. Continue reading

UOSSM Completes Fourth Medical Mission in Ukraine Providing Surgical Trainings

UOSSM completed its fourth medical mission in Ukraine which lasted for two weeks in early June. The medical mission included surgical trainings for surgeons on the frontlines and meetings and planning for future UOSSM work in Ukraine.   The surgical trainings, led by UOSSM, and in partnership with the David Nott Foundation (DNF), were planned and facilitated by Dr. Ahmad Dbais and the UOSSM Ukraine team. Dr. Khaula Sawah and Dr. Monzer Yazji, both co-founders of UOSSM USA, joined the surgical trainings. The DNF and team, led by world renowned war doctor, Dr. David Nott, who have worked with UOSSM in the past in Syria and have experience in war medicine in war inflicted areas, wanted to help local doctors and surgeons by providing these vital trainings. The main objective of the Hostile Environment Surgical Trainings (HEST) was to share expertise with local surgeons on the frontlines. Continue reading

Syrian Doctors Risking Their Lives to Support Ukrainian Doctors and Patients

UOSSM has been responding to the crisis in Ukraine by providing expertise gained from over 10 years of war in Syria through medical missions and training. On April 2 -12, UOSSM, in partnership with British renowned war doctor, Dr. David Nott of the David Nott Foundation, led a surgical medical mission, providing training workshops to doctors, and critical surgeries to patients affected by the war in Ukraine. Dr. David Nott, Dr. Monzer Yazji, Dr. Ahmad Dbais and Dr. Mohammed Zaidiye all contributed and coordinated in the surgical medical mission. Continue reading

BREAKING: Arriving in Kiev, After 10 Years of War, Syrian Doctors Travel to Ukraine to Help

A UOSSM international relief team, composed of Syrian/American doctors, arrived in Ukraine earlier last week to begin relief efforts. UOSSM doctors are uniquely positioned to support aid efforts in Ukraine having operated under similar conflict conditions in Syria for the past 10 years including war wounds/injuries, displacement, chemical attacks and a major humanitarian crisis.   UOSSM already opened a field office, is operating a humanitarian relief station in Lviv for food and necessities, and a medical point in Lutsk. In addition, UOSSM is working to set up a field medical facility in Kiev. Dr. Monzer Yazji, a Syrian American doctor, co-founder of UOSSM/UOSSM USA, and leader of the mission, has been triaging some wounded patients, stabilizing them, and providing medicines in the Lutsk medical point. Continue reading

UOSSM Leads Medical Mission from US to Ukraine

Paris, France - Dr. Monzer Yazji, co-founder of UOSSM and UOSSM USA, is leading a medical mission in Ukraine to provide medical relief to those affected by the war. UOSSM has gained invaluable expertise due to its role in the Syrian crisis since 2012 and will leverage this to provide the people of Ukraine with medical relief, support, and training in response methods. The medical mission team visited with officials, leaders, and agencies on the ground to assess the situation for gaps/shortages in medicines, medical supplies, training needs (such as treating war wounds) and other humanitarian shortages. According to the Ukraine Ministry of Health, there is a major need for medications and medical supplies. Dr. Anas Al Kassem, vice-chair of UOSSM Canada, a sister organization - working with staff at a local hospital, already gathered a whole shipment of medications, medical supplies, and equipment to be sent directly to Ukraine. Continue reading

UOSSM Launches First Electric Vehicle Powered by Solar Energy Systems in Northern Syria

UOSSM launched the first electric vehicle in northern Syria. The vehicle will be used primarily for health services including vaccine transport between cold rooms and primary healthcare facilities, and to transport patients as part of the referral system. Over a decade of ongoing conflict has left over 4 million people in northern Syria without access to critical health services. Aerial bombardment has destroyed healthcare and energy infrastructure, leaving civilians and healthcare workers to rely on diesel fuel, creating a cycle of dependency, fragility, and further contributes to conflict. Continue reading

BREAKING: Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding in Daraa, Syria

Paris, France- A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Daraa, Syria as around 55,000 civilians – 10,000 families are under siege with little to no access to food, medical care, medicine, or basic human needs. The city of Daraa has been under siege since June 24, 2021. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly. Many families are risking their lives fleeing to nearby areas in search of a safe haven for their families, while thousands of families remain in a dangerous situation besieged and under attacks. UOSSM is responding to the catastrophic situation in Daraa by providing immediate medical relief and food essentials to besieged and displaced families in need. Continue reading

BREAKING: First Case of COVID-19 Reported in North Western Syria, Imminent Threat To Refugees

Toronto, Canada- On July 7, a 39 year old doctor working in north western Syria was tested for COVID-19 and was confirmed positive today. This is the first reported case of COVID-19 in north western Syria. The doctor entered Syria 2 weeks ago and visited his wife in Al Bab city (Aleppo Governate) between June 30 and July 1. The doctor immediately isolated himself upon symptoms, and contract-tracing procedures have been put in place for his interactions. The hospital in which he worked has prohibited entry and exit, and has performed a complete quarantine of all doctor's housing units. All medical staff are taking preventative measures and wearing PPE. Screening and monitoring mechanisms have been activated in the surrounding medical facilities. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Failure to Renew UN Cross-border Resolution Tomorrow Will be Catastrophic for Syria

Toronto, Canada-  Months of intense bombing and displacement in North West Syria in early 2020, compounded by hyperinflation has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis. The price of a typical food basket has increased 200% in the past 6 months according to the World Food Program. Millions of Syrians depend on the aid that comes through the Turkish-Syrian border. By Friday July 10th, the international community will have to decide on the fate of Syrians as they vote on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC 2504) resolution to extend cross border aid deliveries into Syria. Continue reading