PRESS RELEASE: UOSSM Launches Project To Protect The Health Of School Children - UOSSM International

PRESS RELEASE: UOSSM Launches Project To Protect The Health Of School Children

Geneva, Switzerland - UOSSM (Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations) has launched the ‘School Health’  Project today in the Ariha and Qourqania districts (Idlib, Syria). The project will combat high levels of scabies, waterborne diseases, malnutrition, lice, acute health issues and mental health issues with children in the area.
Many parents have opted not to send their children to school because of communicable diseases, resulting in a large number of school absences. The goal of the project is to strengthen the health of children and set a strong foundation for their future.
The project will offer mental health services, child protection, vaccinations and general health services to roughly 40,000 students in 105 schools. The school health clinics will have a GP, nurse and a case worker. Nurses will also educate children, families and teachers on preventative public health strategies and hygiene. 
“The children of Idlib have endured so much. Many have not been to school in years and have only known war since they were born. Our project will strengthen their health and give them a chance to have a normal childhood. Despite all odds, these children are still hopeful and represent the future of Syria. We must do everything to give them a better life.” Said Dr. Zedoun Al Zoebi, CEO of UOSSM Intl.  He added “ We are very grateful to our European donors who have made this project possible.”






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