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Press Release: Damascus Water Shortage Risks Pandemic

For Immediate Release

December 30, 2016

UOSSM is deeply concerned with the water shortage in Damascus which puts 4 million civilians at great risk. The two primary sources of drinking water- Wadi Barada and Ain-el-Fijah which provide water for 70 percent of the population of Damascus, were attacked and heavily damaged. They have not been operational since December 22.


The lack of water and price gouging of commercially available water (reports as high as 500 Syrian Pounds per litre) are forcing a large percentage of the population to drink substandard water. There is  a significant risk of a water borne disease pandemic; microbial parasites, typhoid, hepatitis and cholera. The  current medical infrastructure is not equipped to handle a pandemic of this scale. 

UOSSM urges the international community to immediately provide water, sanitation and hygiene aid to the people of Damascus. We also strongly condemn using water, a basic human need, as a weapon.

Media inquiries and interviews please contact  : 

Name: Avi D'Souza
Global Director Of Communications

Phone: 1 (647) 528-5029
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