PRESS RELEASE: 500,000 Children Displaced In Idlib, 7 Children Dead From Cold In The Past Month - UOSSM International

PRESS RELEASE: 500,000 Children Displaced In Idlib, 7 Children Dead From Cold In The Past Month

Toronto, Canada- The intense military campaign in North Western Syria has displaced over 900,000 people since December, including an estimated 500,000 children. Freezing weather and a lack of adequate shelter have killed seven children, including one 7 month old child.  From February 1 to the 16th, at least 35 children have been killed by airstrikes and ground based attacks in North Western Syria. 
“It's sociopathic and genocidal to continue these military campaigns knowing that there are 500,000 children at risk. This is the worst we have ever seen it in 9 years of war. What’s more sickening is the international community has does nothing to stop this. International law has completely failed and has no credibility. It has failed to hold accountable the perpetrators of war crimes against civilians and medical staff despite oceans of evidence. How can they look at their own children, knowing that they kill children in Syria every day? What if it was your children? The stories we receive about fathers holding their frozen lifeless children will sit on all of our consciences. These people have literally nowhere to go. The violence must stop! True courage and leadership is taking action, not hiding behind a flawed system. ” Said Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International.   
Since December, 72 hospitals, primary healthcare centres, medical facilities and mobile clinics have suspended operations because of targeted airstrikes impacting hundreds of thousands of civilians. This impacts 200 doctors, 300 nurses and 50 midwives. In Atareb and Idlib city, maternal and childcare treatments have stopped functioning.  For the few facilities that are operational, staff are working 18 hour days and are running critically low on medical supplies and medicines. 
In the strongest terms, UOSSM condemns the violence in North Western Syria and demands an immediate cessation of hostilities. UOSSM requests emergency aid be released without delay, to cope with the massive influx of IDPS, and that every possible measure is taken to protect the 500,000 children in clear and present danger.  

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