Breaking: Idlib Bombing- “Three Children Died lying in the emergency room at Bab Al Hawa Hospital” - UOSSM Turkey

PRESS RELEASE: Idlib Bombing- “Three Children Died lying in the emergency room at Bab Al Hawa Hospital”

On May 31 12:15 am, Idlib, Syria - Heavy aerial bombing  in public areas of the Idlib province including the buildings adjacent to the Idlib Public Hospital (Al Watani) resulted in an evacuation and full shutdown of hospitals in the area.


“ Three children died lying in the emergency room at Bab al Hawa Hospital, we are not equipped to treat so many life-threatening injuries at once.”- Dr. Ahmad Dbais Trauma and Hospital Director of Idlib.

At least 23 people have been killed and over 300 have been wounded by this attack. Many of the injured seeking critical medical care are going to Bab al Hawa Hospital (UOSSM’s largest hospital 1 hour away). Bab Al Hawa hospital is the largest in the province and has been flooded with trauma injuries as a result of the attacks.

Medical staff fear they are being targeted and are unable to get to work due to dangerous conditions. Thousands of patients are unable to receive medical care with young children/ intensive care patients the most vulnerable.

“We are becoming desensitized to the bombing of civilian and medical facilities. Where are civilians safe to get medical treatment?  We must petition governments for no-fly zones near medical facilities to protect medical staff. Doctors are granted this protection under international law and it must be enforced.  I am saddened it happened just a few days after the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. ” Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Chairman of UOSSM Canada

Five vehicles from the ‘Ambulance Service of Sham’ were completely destroyed and three others were damaged in the attacks further impeding rapid aid.

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