Board of Directors - UOSSM International

Board of Directors

Dr. Anas Al-Kassem

Dr. Anas Al-Kassem is a Canada-based Minimally Invasive & Bariatric Surgeon. Educated at the University of Ottawa (Canada) and Baylor College of Medicine (Texas, USA), Dr Al-Kassem was the Trauma Team Lead at Ottawa Civic Hospital, Canada. A co-founder of UOSSM INT, Dr. Al-Kassem initiated the electronic data registry in Syria to advance patient care & research.

Dr. Ayham Al-Zoebi

Dr. Ayham Al-Zoebi is a Cardiologist with a private practice in Wermsdorf, Germany. He was also the Head of Cardiology at Christiaan Barnard-Klinik (Schmannewitz). A graduate of Uniklinik Leipzig, and he has taught at the University of Leipzig. Dr. Alzoebi is a co-founder of UOSSM International and is also Vice-president of UOSSM Germany.

Dr. Ramez Alzin

Dr. Ramez Alzin is a Paris-based Dental Surgeon. Educated in Damascus University, he specialized in Oral Implantology (University of Paris) & Periodontal Surgery (University of Marseille). Dr. Alzin is also a co-founder of UOSSM France. Dr. Alzin also serves as General Secretary of UOSSM International’s board.

Dr. Saleem Bachara

Dr. Saleem Bachara is a Netherlands-based medical analysis specialist with a focus on health insurance. Dr. Bachara is a co-founder and the head of UOSSM Netherlands.

Dr. Badreldin A. Bahrou

Dr. Badreldin A. Bahrou is a dental surgeon practicing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Bahrou graduated from Damascus University, with further post-graduate work in Lille University Medical School (France), where he was also an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Dr. Bahrou is a co-founder of UOSSM International, and a co-founder of UOSSM Turkey.

Dr. Tawfik Chamaa

Dr. Tawfik Chamaa is a co-founder & Director of Service Medical Junction – a multi-disciplinary medical group – in Geneva, Switzerland. He was formerly Director of Emergency Service for the Association des Médecins de Genève (AMG). Dr. Chamaa graduated from Geneva University, with postgraduate work in clinical ultrasound, hypnosis, obesity assessment & non-invasive aesthetics. Dr. Chamaa serves as a Spokesperson for UOSSM International.

Dr. Mounir Hakimi

Dr. Mounir Hakimi is a UK-based Trauma Consultant and Orthopedic Surgeon. An honorary lecturer at Salford University (Manchester, UK), Dr. Hakimi is also Chairman of Syria Relief. He also serves on the UOSSM Board as the Committee Head of Trauma & Hospitals.

Dr. Nizar Hammodeh

Dr. Nizar Hammodeh graduated in Dentistry from Damascus University and is a Maxillo-facial Surgeon based in London, UK. A co-founder of the Syrian British Medical Society (SBMS), Dr. Nizar is also a co-founder of UOSSM International.

Dr. Ghanem Tayara

Dr. Ghanem Tayara is a Birmingham, UK-based general practitioner with an interest in cardiology. A board member of UK-based Syria Relief. Dr. Tayara is also a co-founder of UOSSM, and he serves as UOSSM International’s Board Chair since 2014.

Dr. Ashraf Traboulsi

Dr. Ashraf Traboulsi is a Principal Scientist at Proctor & Gamble (P&G) in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). He has a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Traboulsi was a founding board member & President of the Ohio-based Syrian-American Foundation, and served on boards of the Institute of Youth Development and the Islamic Center in Cincinnati. 

Dr. Monzer Yazji

Dr. Monzer Yazji is CEO / Medical Director of the South Texas Diabetic & Metabolic Institute in Edinburg, Texas (USA). He is also a co-founder and current President of the Rio Grand Valley Diabetes Association in Texas (USA). A co-founder of UOSSM INT, Dr. Yazji has served on UOSSM’s board since 2012, and is the president of UOSSM USA.