What We Do - UOSSM International

What We Do

Since 2012, UOSSM International has been providing medical relief and health care services to thousands of people affected by the crisis in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. One of our greatest accomplishments has been the establishment and operation of the largest hospital in northern Syria.

Our Objectives

(1)    Mobilize medical NGOs and societies to open their medical and surgical resources, and make it accessible for the treatment of the injured and victims of the Syrian war.

(2)    Coordinate necessary human resources of volunteers abroad and medical staff inside, to implement the relief and   development projects of the UOSSM organizations.

(3)   Set up logistic aid and training facilities to medical teams in Syria, and help them to build the capacity to improve the   management of injured patients and victims of the war, regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion.

(4)  Evacuate critically ill patients and severely injured to well-equipped health care centres in the neighbouring countries.

(5)   Lead the research field via coordination with other NGOs and the large medical network of UOSSM inside Syria, through   education, training, electronic data collection, ultimately to improve survivals and health care outcomes.

Our Work

  • Deliver primary care, trauma care, and psycho-social support services
  • Support clinics and hospitals with medicine, medical supplies and operating expenses
  • Train, develop, and support human capital and medical practitioners caring for victims of war
  • Collect data to improve the quality, quantity, and types of health services provided
  • Coordinate with partner organizations to ensure that aid reaches those in need
  • Engage the international governments, international bodies and the public for support

Where We Work

UOSSM provides medical assistance and humanitarian relief to Syrian people in need across the country. In addition, the UOSSM coordinates the medical works from countries bordering Syria, deploys complex logistics to reach territories affected by the armed conflicts and set up standards for hospitals and clinics in affected areas. Our programs are managed by the UOSSM offices in Turkey, but we currently have over 600 staff working across the northern, central and southern regions of Syria. 

Our Work Worldwide 

  • Raise awareness and funds by engaging medical professionals and supporters
  • Send medical supplies and equipment from hospitals and companies to Syria
  • Establish partnerships for project management and fundraise with other charities
  • Coordinate efforts and medical missions with other international chapters and medical organizations

UOSSM intends to promote networking, cooperation and development of partnerships between its members and other partners such as international humanitarian organizations, (Doctors Without Borders, Worldwide Doctors, International Committee for the Red Cross) in order to implement joint relief and medical aid projects for the Syrian populations.